Gan Gan Road, Anna Bay

Expected start monthExpected completion monthStatusBudget
November 2021January 2022In progress$550k

Latest updates

14 January 2022

The intersection of Gan Gan Rd and Campbell Ave has been asphalted, the next step is to line mark the intersection which is scheduled for the coming days. Disability access parking and bus stop upgrade work will be undertaken following the holiday season.

Project description

This project is funded by the Australian Government's Blackspot program.

This upgrade is designed to help improve safety and these works will include:

  • New designated 40km High Pedestrian Activity area between Morna Point Road and James Patterson Street.
  • Upgrade of the Gan Gan and Campbell Avenue intersection.
  • Improved existing bus zone area with new shelter on Northern side of Gan Gan Road

40kmh High Pedestrian Activity Area
The new speed limit is designed to slow traffic down through the CBD area, from 50kmh to 40kmh, making it safer for both drivers and pedestrians. Variable message boards will be in place for a short period to help remind drivers that the road conditions have changed.

Upgrade of the Gan Gan and Campbell Avenue intersection
The visibility at this intersection is compromised by both the natural curve of the road and the four way intersection. The planned works have been endorsed and funded by Transport for NSW’s Road Safety Program and include:

  • reconstruction of the intersection to be ‘raised’ similar to an extra large safety hump designed to highlight the intersection to motorists;
  • new pedestrian crossing across Campbell Avenue (southern side only)
  • upgrade the intersection from a give way sign to a stop sign (Campbell Avenue)

Works are scheduled to start late October.