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Dinghy storage

If you store your dinghy on a council reserve it will need to be registered with Port Stephens Council.

The Foreshore Dinghy Policy allows for the storage of dinghies on Council foreshore reserves. Download this policy from our Policies page.

What is a dinghy?

A dinghy is defined as a single hulled or multi hulled vessel to a maximum of 3 metres. Water vessels which do not fit the
dinghy definition cannot be registered and therefore cannot be stored on our foreshores.

Unauthorised vessels include:

  • canoe or kayak;
  • sailboard;
  • jetski;
  • any vessel over 3m in length;
  • medium/large trailable vessel;
  • trailer sailer/sailboat fitted with mast;
  • catamaran;
  • work punt or pontoon;
  • rowing skull

Unauthorised water vehicles can be removed from the foreshore reserves and is enforceable by Council Ranger. A Notice of Abandoned and/or Unattended Article will be issued to unregistered vessels. The owner then has two weeks to register their dingy or remove the vessel before action is taken.

To enquire about an impounded vessel, please call Council Rangers on (02) 4988 0255.

How to register a dinghy?

Registration may be made in person via the Nelson Bay Visitors Information Centre or the Raymond Terrace administration office. Alternatively, a form can be downloaded from our website (see below), completed and returned by email or post.

Step 1

  1. Read the list of Council Managed Foreshore Reserves (PDF 235KB) to find out where you can store dinghies.
  2. Review the Foreshore Dinghy Storage Policy that can be download from our Policies page.
  3. Review the Foreshore Dinghy Terms and Conditions (PDF 29KB)
  4. Complete a Foreshore Dinghy Storage Registration application form and pay the $100 annual registration fee by cash, cheque or credit card.

Step 2

Receive your individually numbered annual registration sticker.

Step 3

Apply sticker to your vessel. Remember that you have to repeat this process next year.

Sunset beach
Roy Wood Resere Dinghy image
Kangaroo Reserve 4
Dinghy bartlette cycleway
Sunset beach
Roy Wood Resere Dinghy image
Kangaroo Reserve 4
Dinghy bartlette cycleway

For further information contact Council
Phone (02) 4988 0255
Email council@portstephens.nsw.gov.au