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Driveway construction

The following information is for anyone wanting to construct a driveway over a footpath. To ensure the proper construction of a driveway, you are required to follow the driveway application process.

Frequently asked questions

The DA approval relates to the section of driveway within your property; the driveway application covers the section from your property boundary to the road.

All driveways from property boundary to the road (road reserve) require a driveway application prior to construction, reconstruction and or widening.

Port Stephens Council will undertake an inspection and provide specifications required for your driveway construction.

Yes - any change to the width, levels or structure of your driveway will need to be approved by Council – see question 1.

View the Engineering works Council's Fees and charges for costs.

On its return, the application will be directed to the Facilities & Services Officer (FSO) for your area who will conduct a site inspection.

We will send you the approval to proceed including the relevant standard drawings and any site specific requirements.

You may now construct your driveway.

Once complete call us on (02) 4988 0255 to arrange a final inspection.

From there, we will send you written confirmation that your driveway is constructed to Council standard or we will call you to discuss what needs to be done to meet that standard.

Yes, there is a box you can check on the application form and once received the FSO will contact you to arrange a time to meet.

Yes - unless reinforcement can be proven footpaths/cycleways that do not have any reinforcement will need to be pulled up and replaced as part of the driveway construction. If required you will be notified in your approval letter.

Any non-slip finish will be accepted; please note that there are varieties of pebblecrete that are no longer acceptable. For specific surfaces please call on (02) 4988 0255.

No - Council do not routinely carry out a formwork inspection; if you are concerned that your formwork may not be correct please call and we can work with you, it is much easier to correct mistakes before the concrete is poured than after.

As per Council's requirements, a minimum width of 3m and maximum width of 4m is allowable, any requests for wider driveways will be assessed on a case by case basis, however there is no guarantee of Council giving approval for the additional width.

Rollover kerbs are allowed however, as part of Councils Disabilities Access Policy all driveways must have a lipless layback.

Contact your concreter or contractor and have them correct the noncompliance – most local concreters know each Council has an application process and standards that must be adhered to.