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Lake Macquarie Pack & Trail Horse Riders

Do you have your own horse?

  • Do you have your own transport?
  • Do you enjoy trail riding at a walking pace in the company of other like-minded horse riders?

If yes, you would certainly enjoy being a part of the Lake Macquarie Pack & Trail Horse Riders.

The club was formed in 1998 and has since become the largest trail riding club in Australia.  The reasons behind the club’s success are many, however one of the main stand-outs is the club’s reputation for it’s organisation and safety structures.  The club is regarded by many as the benchmark for trail riding clubs in Australia.

Rides, which include weekend camps, are organised every 3-4 weeks and are held right across the Hunter Valley as well as further afield including the Snowy Mountains.

Rides start at 9.30am (unless otherwise specified) and include a morning tea break.  Lunch is a decision made by the ride convenor which could either be a packed lunch (carried in a saddlebag) or a BBQ lunch after the ride (included in ride fee).

It is not absolutely necessary that horses are shod, although it is a good idea for some rides (eg, forestry roads which tend to be rocky).

Stallions are permitted on club rides, however if problems occur, no matter what the gender of the horse, the Trail boss will separate the horse from other participants.

The Basic Rules

Helmets:  All riders under 18 years must wear an approved ASS helmet which is no more than 5 years old from the time of manufacture.

Shoes:  Riders must wear riding boots (ie, joggers, gumboots and workboots are not permitted).

Halters/Bitless Bridles:  Visiting riders must use a bridle with a bit while on club rides (ie, visitors are not permitted to use halters or bitless bridles). Only approved Bitless Bridles are permitted to be worn by members.

Walking Pace:  The club regards trail riding as predominantly walking – if riders prefer to travel at a faster pace, it is recommended they join another group.

Passing Other Riders: Riders must be considerate of others on the trail and pass fellow riders at a slow and safe pace.

Junior Riders:  Must remain with parent or guardian at all times during the ride.

Kicking Horses:  Horses which are known kickers must have a red ribbon prominently displayed in the tail.  Riders must also move to the side of the trail to ensure others can pass safely.

Swapping Horses:  Riders are not permitted to swap horses with other riders during a ride unless deemed appropriate by the Trail Boss.

Smoking:  Riders must carry a small container to deposit cigarette butts. Some property owners may advise that smoking is not permitted.

Dogs:  Not permitted on rides.  If dogs are permitted at camps, this information will be listed in the newsletter.

Multi Day Charity Rides

The Lake Macquarie Pack and Trail Horse Riders has held many multi day charity rides (with support vehicles) in the Upper Hunter including 9-day rides across the Barrington Tops, and the 5-day Ranges Ride.  The club has raised over $100,000 for various charities including the Hunter’s Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.


Visitors are permitted to attend no more than two one-day rides with the club after which time they must make the decision to apply for membership.

Fees are:

  • $60.00       Adult
  • $50.00       2nd Family adult in club (living at the same address)
  • $40.00       Juniors (16 years and under)

If you are interested in joining the club you can apply for membership after participating in one trail ride. Visitors may attend up to two rides before being required to become a member.

Secretary: Erin Marney

Fees apply



Lake Macquarie NSW