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Williamtown Defence and Airport Related Employment Zone (DAREZ) Land Use Development Strategy

The DAREZ Land Use Development Strategy was prepared by GHD Pty Ltd on behalf of the Department of Planning in 2006. The Land Use and Development Strategy:

  • Consolidates the detailed investigations and analysis undertaken;
  • Presents the outcomes for a preferred land use scenario and staged development of the subject land over the next 10-25 years;
  • Provides the justification for its future rezoning;
  • Is prepared in the format of a Local Environmental Study in anticipation of Port Stephens Council initiating the rezoning process, and
  • Aims to progress the development of the land as an important regionally significant

Strategic Importance and Regional Context

The strategic importance of the DAREZ is highlighted in terms of:

  • The strategic significance of the DAREZ and the important and critical dimension it could potentially add to economic activity and industry in the region in the commercial, industrial and technological fields;
  • The importance of protection and support to operations of RAAF Base Williamtown, a significant element in the Australian Defence Force capability;
  • The importance of protection and support to Newcastle Airport (NAL);
  • A critical need for employment lands in close proximity and having strong supportive synergies to these existing Base and Airport facilities;
  • Its strategic location at the junction of road links to Newcastle and the F3 Highway; and
  • Having regard to the environmental management needs of the site including flooding, soils and habitat management.


Development of the subject site is reliant on the provision of infrastructure, and subject to further detailed design and costing of the options identified, there are no fundamental constraints to the provision of water and sewerage, and other basic infrastructure services.

Land Suitability and Capability

The land capability and suitability analysis demonstrated that with further detailed assessment and careful design responses to the constraints identified, development of the subject site can proceed. Of the constraints identified the occurrence of vegetation communities and habitats of significant ecological value within the area of investigation is one that requires a careful balancing of the competing values.

The Structure Plan

The Structure Plan prepared in response to the various assessments is based on a philosophy that offers a balance between viable development and the resolution of the most critical environmental planning issues applying to the site.

The Planning and Development Control Framework

The planning and development control framework to support the Structure Plan is an integral component to the successful implementation of the DAREZ. The specific planning and development controls deal with the land management, operational and infrastructure requirements of the new zone. These include:

The Williamtown Defence and Airport Related Employment Zone (DAREZ) Land Use Development Strategy consists of three volumes, available below.

Volume One – Land Use Strategy

Volume Two – Assessments and Studies

Volume Three – Background Reports