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Karuah Growth Strategy

The Karuah Growth Strategy provides strategic level guidance for the future development of Karuah. The focus of the Strategy is spatial and land use planning; however it also addresses aspects of economic and social development, as well as environmental management.

The assessment of opportunities and constraints for Karuah has identified that there is considerable potential to expand the village of Karuah.

The Karuah Growth Strategy was adopted adopted by Council on the 20 December 2011. The Strategy contains a number of Strategic Directions that will be implemented to achieve the vision for Karuah.

Strategic Directions

  • Population growth in Karuah in the short to medium term will provide additional activity and support for existing community and commercial services and facilities.
  • Generally, there appears to be sufficient capacity in social and community facilities to meet additional demand at least over the short to medium term.
  • Over time population growth will tend to improve the viability of existing businesses rather than lead to the establishment of a large number of new businesses.
  • The preferred option for the future development of Karuah should be the expansion of the village by progressively rezoning Growth Areas South, East and West.
  • This will enable sufficient land to be made available for new development while ensuring the efficient use of infrastructure, and maintaining the areas of environmental value which provide the character and setting of the village.
  • It will also provide market choice and certainty, while providing flexibility for the private sector to stage the release of urban land in response to market demand.
  • A network of conservation areas and habitat corridors provide links between the national parks that surround the town, the wetlands and the river; and define the urban area.
  • A staged approach to urban expansion based on progressively extending the existing urban area and reinforcing the existing village centre to ensure future development makes efficient use of infrastructure and can be developed in response to market demand.
  • An area of rural land for large holdings is retained to the north west of the village. A minimum subdivision lot size of 40 ha will ensure the land is not hampered by fragmented land ownership should the land be required for urban development beyond 2030
  • A small light industrial area is suggested to the west of the village to permit small light industrial enterprises to establish and provide services and employment to the residents of Karuah.
  • The part of Karuah east of the river, within Great Lakes Shire, is identified for limited urban development and rural residential development
  • A greater number of residents in Karuah will provide greater patronage of retail, private and community services and generate greater local employment than at present.
  • The strategy aims to provide for new urban land in a variety of settings to appeal to a variety of markets.
  • The identified conservation areas and corridors provide opportunities for targeted biodiversity offsets which achieve wider conservation objectives

The top identified priorities are:

  • Keep the Main Street open and uncluttered
  • Implement the Karuah Town and Business Development Strategy
  • Nominate a person to promote/co-ordinate tourism and marketing
  • Promote the waterfront through activities such as boat hire, coffee shop, oyster sheds/industry etc.
  • Develop historical points of interest
  • Redevelop Longworth Park

For more information:

Strategic Planning Unit
Phone: (02) 4988 0326
Email: landusesubmissions@portstephens.nsw.gov.au