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This Request Form is for you to apply for a Flood Certificate for a particular lot in the Port Stephens LGA.

To check whether a particular lot is flood prone please refer to Council's Flood Hazard Mapping on our website.

The Flood Certificate provides flood information that has been compiled from information provided by external consultants and flood studies completed by Council in accordance with the NSW Floodplain Development Manual.

Council charges a fee for the preparation of flood certificates. These fees are as follows:

Standard requests

  • $260 for a single lot flood certificate
  • $200 per lot for multiple adjoining lots flood certificates

Urgent requests

  • $520 for a single lot flood certificate
  • $400 per lot for multiple adjoining lots flood certificates

Once you have submitted your application you will be contacted by Council who will take payment. Your flood certificate will not be actioned until payment has been made.

As a minimum, the Flood Certificate will provide the Flood Planning Level for the lot (the minimum finished floor level for new development on the lot). If available, the Flood Certificate may also provide the highest flood hazard category for the lot, the surveyed floor level to the residence and the highest flood level that could conceivably occur at the site (the probable maximum flood level).

A Flood Certificate may be useful for you if you are considering development or redevelopment on the lot, if you are considering purchasing the lot or if you wish to be informed about the flood risks on the lot.

The Flood Certificate provides an estimate of real flood characteristics. Any particular flood may be different to the conditions that were assumed to determine the information described in this certificate. The information has not been independently verified or checked beyond the agreed scope of work and Council does not accept liability in connection with unverified information.

Council acknowledges that its flood information may be incomplete and varying in accuracy, however it is the best information available to Council at the time of issue. The advice is subject to change if more accurate flood data becomes available to Council. Accordingly the information in this certificate is not warranted after the day of issue.

Council is not responsible for updating flood information when site conditions have changed from the time of the original flood study and does not accept responsibility arising from any change in site conditions.

Following Councils receipt of the Request Form and full payment of the applicable fees the Flood Certificate(s) will be provided via email within ten (10) working days. Urgent requests attract a higher fee and will be processed and emailed within three (3) working days.

The information provided may contain personal information as defined under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). The purpose of collecting this information is to enable Council to consider matters under related legislation, issue related documentation where required and other associated matters as provided by law and will be utilised by Council officers in assessing the proposal and other associated activities. The information may also be made available to other persons in accordance with the relevant Acts and regulations, such as the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) and will be stored in Council’s record system.

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Urgent Request
For urgent requests information can be provided within three (3) working days of receipt of payment.
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Please note: The values shown on this page may not be final and do not constitute a proof of purchase.

You will be notified if a change in fee is required due to system error or other factors.


Port Stephens Council is committed to protecting your privacy.  We take reasonable steps to comply with relevant legislation and Council policy.

Purpose: Council is collecting this information to provide you with flood related information.

Intended recipients: Council staff and other government agencies.

Supply:  This information is a statutory requirement.

Consequence of Non Provision: Your application may not be accepted or processed due to a lack of information.

Storage and security:  This document will be saved in Council’s records management system in accordance with Council policy and relevant legislation.

Access:  Please contact Council on (02) 4980 0255 to enquire how you can access information.

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