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How to apply for a role with us

Ready to launch your career? Let's step you through the process

Before you start

We know you’re excited to apply, so let’s make sure you’ve got everything ready before you start!

  • Review the position description — make sure you’re across the role and meet the selection criteria.
  • Review your resume — this is our first impression of you, so make sure it's up to date and tells us the important stuff. Use our guide for examples on what to include, what not to include and how to bring a little personality to it!
  • Write your cover letter — this helps understand why is PSC is right for you. Keep it short and succinct — we want to know your motivations and why you think the role is the perfect opportunity for you. An example can be found in our guide.

You’ve reviewed the position description, updated your resume and completed your cover letter — it’s time to apply!

  • Head to our recruitment portal and click on the position you're applying for.
  • You’ll be asked to submit your contact details — triple check these as this is how we will contact you with updates on your application.
  • Upload your your resume and cover letter.
  • Complete the selection criteria — these are based around the capability framework. They help us to understand how you respond to certain situations in the workplace. Try to provide specific examples of when you've done what the criteria is asking. We highly recommend writing and saving your answers in a document before uploading them.
  • Click submit!

You’ll receive an email to confirm your application has been submitted. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us on 02 4988 0123 or email

Here at PSC, we recruit based on behaviours using the capability framework. We want to make sure that your behaviours align to our core organisational values. If your application is successful, we’ll invite you to an interview to ensure you’re the right fit for the team — and we're the right fit for you.

Check out our guide for the dos and don’ts when it comes to an interview.

Pre-employment checks

We’ve got to know you but now we need to check a few things. We undertake a variety of pre-employment checks that help us confirm the details you provided in your application and interview. These checks also help us understand you and how you like to work a little bit better.

Recruitment FAQs

Want to know more? Read our frequently asked questions, or get in touch.

We have appointed labour hire service providers for all temporary employee requirements. If you're interested in working in a temporary or short term position, please contact one of the labour hire service providers listed below.

Manual based positions:

  • Complete Staff Solutions — 4941 9800
  • Workforce Recruitment and Labour Services — 4920 2100
  • Labour Co-Operative — 1800 770 073

Administrative based positions:

  • Peoplefusion — 4929 1666
  • Complete Staff Solutions — 4941 9800
  • Labour Co-Operative — 1800 770 073

Professional and technical positions:

  • GWG Partners — 4905 0130
  • Peoplefusion — 4929 1666
  • Complete Staff Solutions — 4941 9800

We do not keep applications on record that are not directed towards a current vacancy.

If you would like to let us know about your agency and the services you can offer, please email us with your details and we will contact you when required.

Please note: we will not accept resumes from an agency unless the agency has been engaged beforehand for a specific vacancy and an appropriate agreement is in place.