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The law says you litter when you discard material in a way that makes a place more disorderly or has negative effects on the use of that place. Littering can include:

  • throwing food wrappers or cigarette butts from a vehicle
  • leaving a food container under a park bench
  • stubbing a cigarette onto a footpath
  • tossing an apple core into a garden bed
  • allowing soil, sand or garden waste to blow from a moving vehicle.

Litter has many impacts on our environment and community, including:

  • reducing the aesthetic appeal of public places;
  • posing a threat to human safety;
  • posing a threat to wildlife through choking, injury and impacting water quality;
  • blocking stormwater drains causing flooding;
  • being a fire hazard if lit cigarettes are thrown.

Litter costs the community considerably to clean up each year.

Council partners with the NSW Environment Protect Authority (EPA) and NSW Government in Hey Tosser! litter prevention campaigns. These campaigns are part of the Waste Less Recycle More initiative, funded by the Waste Levy.  Hey Tosser! aims at telling litterers that they are being watched and the community doesn't like what they are doing.

Hey Tosser campaign image of diver throwing cigarette out the window


You can help prevent littering by:

  • putting your rubbish in the bin
  • take your rubbish with you if there is no bin around
  • keep a bag in the car to collect rubbish
  • put your cigarette butt in a butt bin, or ordinary bin once it's extinguished
  • pick up the litter of others, and ask others to pick up their litter
  • contact Council and local community groups about prevention projects
  • get involved in a litter prevention project

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