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Capital Works Program

Council has an annual Capital Works Program which for 2016-2017 is worth over $28m.

This program of works is based on funds collected from standard Council resources such as rates, fees and charges. However, they are significantly added to by extra income streams. These extra income streams include successful grant applications from both Council staff and community groups, holiday park profits, property investments, developer contributions and donations.

Each year our corporate target is to reach 90% of the works outlined in the annual program.

The list of works to be completed in any given year is based on our forward works plans which form part of our integrated strategic plans.

Please also see the Capital Works Update for 2016-2017 (PDF 4.5MB) for more information.

Anna Bay

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Off Gan Gan Road,
Anna Bay CBD amenities

Internal/external painting and repairs

$7,000 June 2017  
Robinson Reserve,
Fitzroy St
Replacement playground complete with shade sail $120,000 June 2017  

Boat Harbour

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
North Headland, Ocean Pde Replacement playground $53,000 June 2017  


AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Foreshore Drive Culvert replacement and shared path construction $304,722 July 2017  
Corlette Hall, Sandy Point Road

Playground replacement and minor works

$70,000 April 2017  

East Seaham

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information

East Seaham Road

Sealed road construction

$800,000 February 2017 Newsletter

Fern Bay

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Fern Bay Hall, Vardon Rd      Replacement of Fern Bay tennis club house, storage shed and amenities $800,000 May 2017  
Fern Bay Playground, Vardon Rd     

Shade sail installed over playground

$60,000 November 2016 Article

Fingal Bay

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Fingal Bay Holiday Park

Various upgrades (includes solar street lighting; road maintenance; CCTB installation; conversion of van sites to camping sites; playground works)

$525,000 June 2017  
Boulder Bay Rd

Footpath improvements

$73,695 November 2016  
Fingal Bay Oval, Marine Dr Replace security grills, formalize access to clubhouse and external painting $27,500 June 2017  
Foreshore Reserve, Marine Dr Park furniture replacement $15,000 June 2017  

Glen Oak

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Clarence Town Rd

Road realignment north of Timbertops Rd

$460,000 February 2017

Media Release;


AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Hinton Road New guardrail $60,000 June 2017       
Hinton Foreshore, Old Punt Road

Formalise access path to wharf

$15,000 June 2017       


AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Karuah boat ramp, Memorial Dr   Safety improvements to eastern pontoon and formalise car park $600,000 June 2017

GM's Column


Lionel Morten Oval, Mustons Rd Replace fencing, seating and field access stairs $85,708 April 2017 Newsletter

Lemon Tree Passage

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Henderson Park, Cook Pde  

Boating and foreshore improvements

$1,300,000 October 2016 Media Release
Henderson Park, Cook Pde Shade sail installed over playground $35,000 November 2016 Article
Francis Avenue Road pavement reconstruction including kerb and gutter between Morton Av and Marine Dr $640,000 September 2017  
Old School Centre, Kenneth Pde

Upgrade disabled access

$20,000 May 2017  


AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Mallabula Sports Complex, Lemon Tree Passage Rd   New equipment store for Athletics Club $110,000 December 2016  
Mallabula Sports Complex, Lemon Tree Passage Rd Replace security grills, door and jambs and external painting for soccer club $32,500 June 2017  
Mallabula Sports Complex, Lemon Tree Passage Rd

Replace shade shelters over bench seating at Aquatic Centre

$20,000 February 2016  
Mallabula Sports Complex, Lemon Tree Passage Rd Installation of additional components at skate park $10,000 June 2017   
Mallabula Sports Complex, Lemon Tree Passage Rd Replace filtration pump at Aquatic Centre $8,000 June 2017  


AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Medowie Sports Complex, Ferodale Rd    Stage 1 - construction of multi-purpose centre and associated works including car parking and playground. $3,200,000 May 2017 Article
Medowie Sports Complex, Ferodale Rd

Installation of two additional netball courts

$85,000 May 2017       
Abundance Rd Road pavement rehabilitation Industrial Rd to Lisadell Rd $710,728 April 2017 Media Release
Medowie Rd Road pavement rehabilitation south of Boundary Rd $244,000 June 2017  
Yulong Oval, Kirrang Dr

Formalise car parking

$51,500 June 2017  
Yulong Oval, Kirrang Dr Top dress sports field $10,000 June 2017  
Community Centre, Ferodale Rd Replace front pavers with concrete $20,000 June 2017  
Childcare Centre, Brushbox Av Replace retaining wall $15,000 September 2016  
Skate park, Boyd Oval, Ferodale Rd Installation of additional components $15,000 June 2017   
Dog Park, Coachwood Dr Installation of water station for people and dogs $7,000 June 2017  

Nelson Bay

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Victoria Pde and Shoal Bay Rd corner      Pavement reconstruction $514,110 August 2016 GM's Column
Shoal Bay Rd near RSL Pavement reconstruction $335,364 September 2016 GM's Column
Halifax Holiday Park, Beach Rd Various upgrade projects (includes cabin refurbishment; conversion of sites) $430,000 June 2017  
Little Beach Replacement of Little Beach access ramp decking boards and extension of accessible fishing platform $85,000 May 2016 Media Release
Dutchies Beach Playground upgrade and renovation of amenities includes replacement of electrical mains and switchboard

$85,000 (playground) $30,500 (amenities)

May 2017  
Burbong St Minor road shoulder widening $70,000 October 2016  

One Mile

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
One Mile Beach

Replacement of lifeguard facilities

$600,000          May 2016  

Raymond Terrace

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Boomerang Park Men’s Shed - new building to accommodate Men’s Shed and other community groups $663,000 December 2016 Media Release
Boomerang Park New skate park includes removal of existing skate park near shopping centre $200,000 November 2016 Online engagement
Boomerang Park Replacement of amenities $140,000 December 2016  
Boomerang Park Installation of accessible playground equipment $50,000 November 2016  
Boomerang Park Installation of a fitness trail $50,000 November 2016  
Boomerang Park Shade sail installed over playground and construction of access path $35,000 November 2016 Article
Boomerang Park Replace BBQ rangehood and install exist door in Senior Citizens Centre $20,000 June 2017  
Lakeside Reserve #2, Benjamin Lee Dr Replacement playground $69,995 December 2016 Newsletter
Lakeside Reserve #2, Benjamin Lee Dr New skate park $80,000 March 2017 Newsletter
Lakeside Sports Centre, Leisure Way Irrigation upgrade $100,000 December 2016  
Ross Wallbridge Reserve, Adelaide St Installation of solar lights along shared path $50,000 June 2017  
Lakeside Leisure Centre Replace filtration pump, sand filters and UV ballast at Aquatic Centre $48,000 August 2016  
Gwen Pde Replacement playground $30,000 April 2017 Newsletter

Salamander Bay

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Tomaree Aquatic Centre, Aquatic Cl   

Installation of splash pad

$300,000 May 2017  
Tomaree Aquatic Centre, Aquatic Cl Replace filtration pump, lane rope anchors and earthing $80,000 May 2017  
Tomaree Aquatic Centre, Aquatic Cl Repaint waterslide $60,000 June 2017  
Tomaree Aquatic Centre, Aquatic Cl Replace filter socks $36,500 July 2016  
Tomaree Sports Centre, Aquatic Cl

Replacement of touch football/soccer amenities

$50,000 June 2017  
Tomaree Sports Centre, Aquatic Cl Expansion of croquet club $23,000 June 2017  
Tomaree Sports Centre, Aquatic Cl Ceiling repairs and interior painting to clubhouse at Dick Burwell Oval $17,000 June 2017  
Salamander Way Intersection improvements with Town Centre Circuit $245,000 December 2016 Media Release

Salt Ash

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Sportsground, Richardson Rd    Installation of BMX track $50,000 November 2016  


AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Torrence St Seaham boat ramp upgrade $300,000 October 2016 Media Release
Torrence St Installation of shelters and picnic tables near boat ramp $15,000 October 2016  
Brandy Hill Dr Replace guardrail $10,000 June 2017  

Shoal Bay

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Government Rd and Shoal Bay Rd      Traffic lights at intersection and pedestrian crossing across Shoal Bay near shops $1,315,000 June 2017 Online engagement; GM's Column;
Article; Media Release
Shoal Bay Holiday Park, Shoal Bay Rd Various upgrades (includes new boundary fence and landscaping; new ensuite blocks; kerb and gutter improvements) $640,600 June 2017  
Horace St Drainage improvements $40,000 June 2017  

Soldiers Point

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Thou Walla Sunset Retreat Holiday Park, Ridgeway Ave    

Refurbishment of Waterview villas

$48,460 June 2017  

Tanilba Bay

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information

RAF Park, President Wilson Walk

Construct new Rural Fire Service (RFS) station

$992,160 June 2017  
Lemon Tree Passage Rd and Avenue of the Allies intersection Construct roundabout at intersection $983,850 August 2017  
Clemenceau Cres

Road pavement reconstruction

$687,456 November 2016 Newsletter
Tanilba Foreshore

Reserve upgrade

$24,695 June 2017  
Tanilba Sailing Club, off Peace Pde Replace sewer connection $20,000 May 2017  
Sunset Park, Caswell Cres Seal existing car park, western end of Caswell Cres, adjacent to Sunset Park $15,000 June 2017  

Taylors Beach

AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Taylors Beach wharf, foreshore   

Replace existing wharf

$400,000 March 2017  
Taylors Beach amenities, foreshore Replace existing amenities $140,000 October 2016  


AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Morpeth Street Sealing of gravel road to Clarence St and associated drainage works $368,000 July 2017  


AddressProjectCostCompleted Further Information
Medowie Rd     Road rehabilitation between RAAF gates $178,000 February 2017  
Williamtown Hall,
Nelson Bay Rd
Internal repaint $20,000 June 2017