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Have your say

Council is committed to involving our community in activities that actively shape and influence the future of the area.

This is done in a number of ways, through regular newsletters, forums and drop in information sessions. Many projects are placed on public exhibition so community members can consider and provide feedback on a variety of issues.

Depending on the project, it may range from simply informing the community to seeking views through a more detailed consultation process.

Go to the Public Exhibition section of this website to see what is currently on exhibition for Community feedback.

Council benefits from positive consultation with the community and other stakeholders. The process facilitates better access to and understanding of information, increased participation, raised awareness and a strengthened community.

Council has developed guidelines to support our Community Engagement Policy and help achieve our engagement goals, these can be viewed at:

Online engagement

Port Stephens Council has an online engagement hub https://haveyoursay.portstephens.nsw.gov.au.

The online engagement hub is designed to help meet our commitment to engage and involve our community to actively shape and influence the future of the area. The online hub is designed to complement and enhance more traditional forms of consultation such as the public exhibition process as outlined above.

On this online engagement hub you will be invited to take part through a range of online tools such as surveys, quick polls, surveys which will help provide feedback on a range of projects and initiatives.

You can view and be involved in many of our interactive projects on this site however Council encourages people to sign up to enable the full interactive experience. Click on the 'Speak up. Sign up' tile and follow the prompts. We encourage people to choose a login or screen name that is easy to remember, protects your privacy and gives you the freedom to have your say.

Have your say on these current projects

Help Council make informed decisions by providing quick online feedback on a variety of issues that Council is currently working on:

Visit the online engagement hub to view more projects https://haveyoursay.portstephens.nsw.gov.au.

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PSConverse – your voice, your community

PSConverse is a group of local people with a passion for Port Stephens who can assist in shaping Council decisions and directions.

In the past, this has been called the Port Stephens Residents Panel.

As a member, you can tell us about your ideas and concerns, contributing to decisions made by Council. PSConverse is seeking a broad cross-section of people from across the local government area, encouraging a diverse range of ideas and opinions.

Members will be placed on a community database, receiving regular communications including electronic newsletters, information alerts and notices of community and briefing sessions. PSConverse members will also be invited to participate in regular community forums.

Members will also be invited to participate in an annual survey on Council's performance, you may be asked to give your views on specific projects.

Members join voluntarily and are free to leave at any time. There is no obligation to participate if there is no interest in the presented topic or the timing is inconvenient.

Members may also opt to be part of workshops or focus groups that Council organises from time to time.

Your information will be treated confidentiality.

  • Complete the PSConverse application form (interactive) online on our A-Z forms page. If you are having trouble filling out this form, please download it from your browser and try again.
  • Or use the PSConverse Application Form (printable) also available on our A-Z Forms page. Please complete and send to converse@portstephens.nsw.gov.au or by mail to:
    • PSConverse - Port Stephens Council
    • PO Box 42 Raymond Terrace NSW 2324.

If you have any questions for Council please Contact us.


For more information, view Council's Privacy Statement.

Your details will be kept on a secure database and will not be shared with anyone else. They will only be used for specific consultation activities and not used for any other purpose, nor will your identity be revealed to third parties within or outside Council.

Any views expressed will be collated and not individually identified.


Communication will be predominantly by email. However, you may elect to receive information by mail.

Council provides feedback on consultations and information can also be found in Council reports on specific issues.

Community surveys

Council's Community Satisfaction Survey is open and all community members are encouraged to take part and have their say.

The major annual survey is part of Council's commitment to continuously improving its performance and service delivery to the Port Stephens community. It provides the opportunity for residents to rate Council's performance in a variety of areas, as well as to give feedback on areas for improvement.


Phone: (02) 4980 0255